City College of Calamba

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Personal

City College of Calamba

"Geez! Why should we go to that yucky-old-spooky-low-class college?"
"Men! Come on! I never wished to go to that school!"
Those are the usual words we hear from others. Some people think that, City College of Calamba
has low-standard when it comes to learning and teaching; while some think that this is an institution
where bad influence students go. These gossips that spread all through out the city makes the students
of the City College of Calamba feel bad. And because of these rumors, lots of parents nowadays who live
in Calamba area now don't take the risk and give their trust to that institution.


But, fortunately, there are now proofs that falsify these rumors. Now, lots of Parent are thinking to send their children in the City College of Calamba considering the fact they received and heard. And graduating students from public and private schools are now voluntarily want to go to  the City College of Calamba.

In the four years of City College of Calamba’s existence, students who study here (including me)can proudly say that they are very satisfied in the way teachers teach their students. As a matter of fact, our institution has already made some students succeed in passing their licensure and board examinations.

LEAD (Leader Educators Advocating Dynamism) – is an organization in City College of Calamba exclusively for Elementary and Secondary Education students. Last year, they proudly announced that the City College of Calamba produced the highest number of Licensure Examination for Teachers passers which made not just the teacher-education’s department  proud but also the other department knowing that we have the some of the best among the best educators around the City. This news caused a celebration for the staffs, faculty and students.  But, the graduated education students of the City College of Calamba are not just those who passed their examinations, because the City College of Calamba has already produced 2 CPAs!

This news called for celebration! This just testifies that City College of Calamba doesn’t has that low-standard of teaching and learning but high-standard, actually. Because of this news, lots of B.S.A. students’ fighting spirits rose! That, they are now doing their very bests to get high grades and acquire more knowledge that they believe their teachers will share to them.

Last year, we have also already had our sports festival which was joined by the four departments : B.S.A. , B.S.I.T., B.S.C.S., and the Teachers-Educators Department!

This was a great achievement for the I.T. department for they ranked first in the overall ranking!

But, in every Sports Festival in the City College of Calamba, there’s a competition students always want to witness… they want to witness who will win and who will not… and this is the always most awaited Cheer Dance Competition participated by all the Departments!

The Accountancy Department
The Information Technology Department
The Computer Science Department
The Teachers-Educators Department

credit to the owner : totobols23

Here, although we are making our step to success by means of studying and being taught by remarkable professors, still, we do enjoy extracurricular activities. That’s who we are!



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